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It takes around 1.5 GB for the whole program. However, the whole curriculum for each language is split into multiple smaller courses of reasonably small size, and in order to save space on your device, you are advised to download the next course only after you've completed the existing ones.

Yes. Once the content is downloaded, you don’t have to connect to the Internet to play our lessons.

All kids are different. As long as your child enjoys it, there is no reason not to expose him or her to the program.  We have many parents whose children try our program at very early ages, such as 4-6 months old. Others use it when their child turns 5 or 6 years, especially when introducing a foreign language.  

Yes. Children learn by repetition.  They need to see words a number of times to be able to remember them. Each lesson teaches some new words and some words the children will have encountered before. However, because each word has five different images, four HD videos (animated and real), multiple sentences and three different professional voice-over voices, it will appear in a fresh way each time.

Monkey Junior applies both phonics and "whole word" approaches to help kids learn to read.

We have 210 phonics rules for English program and 140 phonics rules for programs of other languages (except for Chinese), each of which contains around ten words. Each word is illustrated by an image and/or a video, being sounded out in three different ways: with each phoneme being pronounced slowly, blended slowly into the whole word, and finally spoken normally. As each sound is pronounced, the corresponding letters are highlighted. That will help the children not only to pick up the phonics patterns but also to understand the meaning of the word.

For the "whole word" or "sight reading" approach, our library contains more than 2000 categorized words and phrases and 3000 sentences on a variety of topics. Research indicates that with a lot of exposure to whole words, children not only remember how to read the words but also are able to pick up the patterns of written language in a natural and intuitive way.

Our program consists of more than 2000 categorized words/couplets, and 3000 sentences in 30 different topics in each language. Therefore, there are plenty of words that your child might not know.

Monkey Junior will stimulate both hemispheres of your child’s brain.

New languages will be added on a regular basis. At the moment, there are 7 different languages: English (US), English (UK), French, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnames (Northern) and Vietnamese (Southern). We will continue to build Russian, then Japanese.

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